You can now import screenshots in full length of your website just by entering the URLs you’d like to import. It is now only a matter of minutes for you to import navigation paths on your website and link them together to a testable prototype.

Check out how it works here:

You can now automatically screenshot specific URLs in their full lengths and link them together to interactive prototypes in few minutes. It works like this:

  1. Click create test and choose a website
  2. Click “Grab your URL” and enter the URL(s) that you would like to test on
  3. Link URLs together to build an interactive prototype

    We support almost every type of action based gestures to give users a very close to real product interaction with your prototype.

Prototypes from screenshots work by linking together screens with input fields and hotspots that can be clicked-, swiped-, hovered-, or zoomed on.


Customizable for every device Fixed areas Customizable screen transitions Input validation Screen rotations

In order to make your prototype interactive, you can work with two types of hotspots: Link hotspots and input fields. Drag, drop and resize these fields to match your design.

Link hotspot to other screens
The link fields are where you make it possible for the user to navigate between screens. Add a link and choose which type of user gesture will trigger a response.

Input fields for user input
In the user input fields, you can choose the type of input, you wish the user to type in the field, e.g. password, email, amount etc.

Use the different hotspots and input fields to create an interactive prototype that switches between screen whenever a user clicks, swipes or taps.

Next up: Build prototypes with Sketch integration

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